About Digital Rhythm

I created Digital Rhythm with one thing in mind: simplicity.   I set out to make clean, efficient, and effective websites with an emphasis on customer service.  I will respect your time, your money, and your opinion.  My goal is that by the time we have concluded our business, you will be so happy, you can't help but tell all of your friends.

My name is Ryan Sommers and I am a designer and visual artist.  I live in Mount Joy with my wife Kristie and our chihuahua, Penny.  I fell in love with design as a little boy.  I spent hours upon hours trying to replicate logos that I saw on the things around me.  I was in awe at how designs that appeared to be so simple, could feel so complex.  My love for the arts continued as I studied at Elizabethtown College, where I received a Bachelor's in Fine Arts.  To me, art and design is not a career choice, it is a big part of who I am as a person, and each design is diligently created with care and patience.


DZ9 was found in a junk yard on the mining planet Nequam, tucked away on the edge of the Milky Way.  He was discovered in a heap; a worthless pile of metal and wires, by a miner's son, who then spent the next few years of his life rebuilding him.   At first it seemed futile, but little by little he began to resemble a robot again, until one day his eyes lit up.  DZ9 remembered very little of his former life, save for a few, foggy flashbacks and the realization that he could play the drums with exceptional precision.  He was grateful for the boy that rebuilt him, but he could not ignore the call to find his designer.  Alas, he set off on a supply ship across the galaxy in search of his creator; his only clues being the strange, triangular emblem on his chest, a few faint memories, and the entire catalog of Buddy Rich songs which someone hardwired into his memory...